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Every woman should be informed about topicals applied to the body


Relief for PMS symptoms is now available for women with painkiller addictions or who prefer organic, topical remedies

Natural remedies for menstrual cramps have been enjoyed by women of Africa for centuries. Why shouldn’t you enjoy nature’s plant-derived remedy for your periods?

Frequently asked questions about Comforté

Please review our most frequently asked questions. If have a question regarding Comforté, please contact us today.

Q. How fast does it work?

As with any natural remedies, it varies with each person. However, the vast majority of women report relief within minutes.

Q. How long does it last?

Again, it depends on the user. Most women enjoy relief for many hours or for the rest of the day. And because this is an entirely organic product applied externally, you are free to use natural remedies as often as necessary.

Q. Is it green…organic?

Everything in Comforté is derived from plant sources in primordial forests of Africa. We have made every effort to minimize the impact on the environment from transportation to storage to packaging.

Q. Is it safe?

That is the beauty of Comforté. It is entirely organic and safe to use for any woman regardless of the severity of her discomfort. It is especially helpful for women who are allergic to painkillers or have addiction issues with
ingested painkillers.

Q. How Does It Work?

All you need to do is massage Comforté all over your abdomen and lower back, wherever you feel pms discomforts. To accelerate penetration, our formulation uses natural essence of menthol. It creates warmth and acts as the carrier for our unique plant extracts that provide temporary pain relief.

Our 100% raw Shea butter hydrates the skin. And the Soya bean extract keeps our tummies’ skin soft and silky and also helps to support the warmth created by the essence of menthol by acting as a buffer for sensitive
skin types.

Q. What’s in it?

Comforté is based around five primary all-natural ingredients:

Calatropis Procera – a plant extract found in the primordial forests of Africa. Temporarily relieves pain associated with PMS symptoms
Carapa Procera – Used by African tribal women for thousands of years to reduce swelling and bloating
Natural Essence of Menthol – generating soothing warmth to penetrate the skin and muscles. Also works as a carrier for the organic plant extracts
100% Raw Shea Butter – Base formula of Comforté –
promotes skin hydration
Soya Bean extract – keeps skin soft and silky while supporting the menthol warmth. Also acts as a buffer for sensitive skin types

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