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Comforte by PMS4PMS Bill of Rights

Those few days of the month we all dread. They make movies, jokes and excuses for it we hear it everyday. Pants don’t fit, feeling bloated, cravings it’s hell. I read a great blog about the PMS Bill of Rights and I agree if only there were rules of order to the madness.

Let’s start our own set of rules right here and now…

Rule 1: Mood swings rule. Let them flow like the wind and change direction for no reason what so ever as they say in Forest Gump.

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Another Satisfied Comforté Customer

“As a business owner who sells pain relief products and also a chronic pelvic pain sufferer, I was thrilled to try a sample of Comforte. I soon discovered that unlike the other topical relief brands I have tried, the scent was subtle and clean, leaving a wonderful warming sensation that helped me relax almost immediately. I am happy to be able to offer this amazing product to my customers knowing they too will be pleased with the results.” (Babette Gray, Owner, Pelvic Pain Solutions)

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